1.2 Learning through Play

The aim of the activity is to help parents understand how learning happens during play and how important play is in the lives of children. It is an online activity based on reading and reflecting on your reading by analysing learning experiences.

Time necessary for the activity is about 30’ excluding further reading.

Pasi Sahlberg, the global ambassador of Finnish education about the role of play in the lives of children (text)
Summary of the Learning through Play Evidence Review (text)

Dad’s lab video channel (video)


Jennifer M. Zosh, Emily J. Hopkins, Hanne Jensen, Claire Liu, Dave Neale, Kathy Hirsh-Pasek, S. Lynneth Solis and David Whitebread (2017). Learning through play: a review of the evidence. The LEGO Foundation, Billund, Denmark

Sahlberg P., Doyle W. (2019) Let the Children Play. Oxford University Press

Cohen L. (2001.) Playful Parenting. Balantine Books, New York

Further readings

LEGO Foundation’s White Paper on Learning through Play 

Lawrence Cohen: Playful Parenting on Google Books