1.1 The Gardener and the Carpenter

The aim of this activity is to introduce participants a new way of looking at parenting, an approach that results in resilient, change-proof children. It is an online activity designed to create a deeper understanding. 

The activity is expected to take about 45’ without further reading and extra resources.

Alison Gopnik | On Parenting, Gardening and Carpentry (video)

In this preview of our Roots of Empathy Speaker Series in March 2016, philosopher and author Alison Gopnik talks about how parenting has become like carpentry. She argues it should be more like gardening.

Katherine Reynolds Lewis | Abandon Parenting, and Just Be a Parent (download pdf)

In her book, The Gardener and the Carpenter, Alison Gopnik offers up a more organic approach to raising children. | 

Gopnik, A. (2016) The Gardener and the Carpenter. Picador, New York

Further readings
If you are interested in more detail of the science behind watch Alison Gopnik speaking at Google https://youtu.be/xURCmzmQG8s