2.3.1 Read ‘Little engine story

Link to the story [download pdf]:

Like Martin Luther King, Roger Bannister and Cliff Young, we have all experienced times in our lives when we have believed that something was impossible or that we could not achieve something. It is very powerful to reflect on those times when we have learned and mastered a new skill or achieved something that we did not believe was possible. Think of a time when you learned how to do something, e.g. riding a bike, driving a car learning how to swim. Or Think of a time when you have achieved something that you were not sure was possible?

  • Why did you want to learn this skill/realise an achievement?
  • What could you not do/were you missing because you could not do the skill?
  • How would life be different with this skill/achievement?
  • What was hard at first when learning the skill? What challenges did you encounter?
  • What did you do to overcome these challenges?
  • When did you notice you were improving? How did you feel?
  • What is life like now you can do it/have achieved the goal? How is life better? How does it feel?

Using these prompt questions as the structure tell a story to a child/friend/peer describing your experience.