2.6.1 Watch the video – add link to affirmations

Watch the video: https://youtu.be/qbe64AAjtYs


0:09 Teacher
Affirmations is a behaviour system for rewarding individual student behaviour. So when one of my students comes up with a brilliant answer for a question that I’ve asked, or if I have a student who’s really struggling, and finally gets to that place that I want them to be, or if one of them is just really thoughtful or helpful to another student, I can give them an affirmation. I have a menu of affirmations that I’ve put on the wall and they get to pick their favourite or whichever affirmation they would like.

0:38 Teacher
So garrison, what affirmation would you like ready wearing garrison this.

0:47 Students

0:49 Teacher
Formation once they get their affirmation, I put their name on the board. And then at the end of the week, I write all the names and I put them into a bag or write them on a slip of paper, put them into a bag and the next week I draw a name out of the bag and that student will be our student of the week. And the reward they win in our class for being the student of the week is be able to sit on a special pillow that we have.

1:07 Student
Affirmations with me see a happy because fine and silly.

1:16 Student
It’s like on the Fourth of July or New Years.

1:29 Student
My favourite affirmation is…

1:36 Teacher
Kids love affirmations because they love the chance the chance or a lot of fun, you are worthy, you are worthy. And the joy on one child’s face when he or she gets an affirmation. The whole class is showering that child with positive reinforcement. And it just makes them feel so good about themselves.

2:00 Student
When somebody gets affirmation, they’re really happy because they’re proud of themselves.

2:06 Teacher
I like affirmations because I love to reward my students for really smart thinking and for really thoughtful behaviour.

Download a template from the website and choose an affirmation or set of affirmations that you will use with your class (see online templates on the website for examples).


Teach your children/family/peers what the affirmation(s) look like and sound like and how to use them appropriately.

Agree guidelines for when and how affirmations should be shared and post these in a shared space. Target the desired behaviour(s) that will earn an affirmation. In a small group, review learning in the writing positive affirmations exercise. Each participant must write an affirmation on a post it note for each of the other group members. Group members share their affirmations with each other. Each participant will have a set of affirmations, validated by a peer, to start their own collection of personal affirmations. Take time to acknowledge a quality or skill. Say out loud exactly what you admired.