6.1.2 Imagine the situations

Following the previous examples, we are going to simulate or imagine how our children would manage different crisis situations posed by us. If possible, it is better that the situations are simulated (role-playing) rather than imagining them.

We propose 2 family situations in which we must leave the initiative and decision-making to our children (adapt it to the ages):

  • We came home after a day in the field with the family and we couldn’t find the keys to enter our home. What can we do? Who can we contact?
  • We are on a bike or trail route and some of the people who make up the group feel ill. What can we do?

Depending on the age of your children and their experience in situations of this type, they will need more or less help. In any case, it is convenient that the situation of uncertainty and risk be managed by your child with the help of the adult. It is important that the adult offers different situations, both simulated and real, so that children can make decisions before crisis situations (small crises of daily life).