6.3.2 Create and play

The participant can start by making a very basic map of a room in their house like the following example of a gym:

With the map that has been created, stickers will be distributed around the space and marked on the map. With the result, we will show it to our kids and invite them to play the clue game.

The next step will be to create a map of several rooms in the house, even the whole house, and play the same game. We must adapt the level of the map and the difficulty of finding the stickers to the child’s age.

With this same methodology, now the child should be the one to design their own maps and share them with their families. In this design process, the child will encounter difficulties and will have to make decisions about it. Your should be to accompany but at no time guide or propose.

This is a moment in which the child must experience the feeling and the uncertainty of being the protagonist of the process, with the positive and negative aspects.